Hixson CA: Noticing Small Details Now, Preventing Big Issues Later

Tight budgets, shortened schedules, employee shortages, and other constraints all have the potential to lead to serious issues with a project under construction. These are just some of the reasons why it is more critical now than ever before to make sure you have a member of Hixson’s Construction Administration (CA) on your project. In addition to direct savings on projects, Hixson CA involvement can also prevent future problems with a facility.  Consider this example from a recent client project: At locations where drain piping installation had started, it was observed that the pipe hangers were sized to fit snuggly around the bare pipe. The Hixson CA notified the contractor that the drain lines were to be insulated with the pipe hangers large enough to be installed on the outside of the insulation and jacketing. Doing so helps prevent potential water infiltration at points where the pipe hangers would have penetrated.

Fortunately, Hixson Construction Administration caught these issues before a bigger problem was created. Want more? Ask for your copy of our most recent Value of CA newsletter to read additional examples of how Hixson’s CA group works on our clients’ behalf, or contact us today to learn more about how Hixson Construction Administration can benefit YOUR projects!


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