Real Estate Optimization: Now is the Time

Many companies are allowing employees the option to continue to work from home – at least some of the time.

This leaves these companies with a decision: How to best re-allocate (and/or reduce) their office spaces? What should the “new” work environment look like for employees who may be working remotely one or more days per week? It is a complicated decision, with many factors to consider:

  • How much square footage is necessary with new remote work policies?
  • How should spaces be configured to enable collaboration?
  • Are current workstation standards adequate?
  • Will adjacencies be affected?
  • Is hoteling necessary?
  • What amenities will help bring employees back to the workplace?

Real Estate Optimization (REO) studies are one way to help guide this decision. By undertaking an REO study, companies can determine:

  • The total workplace real estate footprint based on the realities expected by the “new normal” and beyond.
  • The essential strategic direction regarding people, processes, places and more.
  • Existing conditions, adjacencies, and shortcomings to determine existing space utilization,
  • Proposed square footage requirements as compared with future individual, team, and collaboration work function expectations.

At Hixson, we recommend and have performed REO studies for our clients.  We understand the value and deep insights that these studies can deliver.  Want to learn more? Contact us today!


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