Three Questions with Roselia Harris!

This month, Hixson Interior Designer Roselia Harris celebrates her 15th year with our firm! In light of this happy occasion, we asked Rosy to answer three easy questions:

1.  What is your favorite part of your day-to-day work?

I would have to say the favorite part of my day is working with my team members, in particular when we are collaborating on great design solutions for our clients.

2.  What’s one thing that surprised you about working at Hixson?

That everything that Tom (Tom Hellmann, AIA, Hixson Senior Vice President and Director of Architecture/Interior Design) said in my interview was absolutely 100% true. This includes things like our continuous employment policy, and that Hixson is a people-centric firm. You hear these things all the time, but it’s not always true…except at Hixson they really ARE! Also, we actually get bonuses here. I’ve worked places where they promise bonuses only to give you a turkey.

3.  Early bird or night owl?

Oh, I am a night owl: Getting to work early is a challenge for me. People who can get into work at 6 a.m…I can’t even comprehend that! There are two exceptions to this: If my team needs me, I will be here, and if I am going to get on a plane to, say, Hawaii, I think I can manage that too. Otherwise, please let me sleep!

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