Hixson CA: Keeping Watch on the Bottom Line

On a recent project, a Change Bulletin was issued which modified the sizes of an electrical panel and main switchboard. The electrical subcontractor submitted a proposal for the change in the amount of $70,838. Finding this proposal to be out of the norm, the Hixson Construction Administration (CA) professional working on the project assessed its validity, discussed it with the Hixson Electrical Engineering department, and then relayed the concerns with the General Contractor. These reviews resulted in a revised proposal for $9,388…a difference of $61,450 which would have been paid out had a Hixson CA not been involved.

For projects which may be millions of dollars in total, a $61,450 difference may seem minor. Over time, though, such small errors can have a big impact on the budget. This is why is it so important to have a member of Hixson’s Construction Administration team on your project. Hixson CA are your eyes and ears on the ground and can help keep projects in line with both the design intent, and the budget.

Want more? Ask for your copy of our most recent Value of CA newsletter to read additional examples of how Hixson’s CA group works on our clients’ behalf, or contact us today to learn more about how Hixson Construction Administration can benefit your projects!


Hixson CA: Noticing Small Details Now, Preventing Big Issues Later

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