FAQ About Capital Project Management

Below, Hixson Director of Process Engineering and Capital Project Management (CPM), Scott Hodel, answers some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve had regarding CPM, and why it makes sense for food and beverage facilities today.

What exactly IS CPM?

“With CPM, an experienced Capital Project Manager acts as the dedicated and primary point of contact between the client’s company and other project resources,” says Scott. “These may include vendors, construction entities, and even the design and engineering firm – whether or not Hixson is the firm of record.  As Capital Project Managers, it is our role to serve the clients’ needs in all situations related to the project for which we are hired.  We serve as their advocate for any and all project deliverables and components.”

Why is CPM needed now?

It’s no secret that many manufacturing facilities are facing critical staffing shortages, not only on the line, but in key management roles as well.  “CPM alleviates some of the burden on a client’s engineering teams,” states Scott.  “A Capital Project Manager provides the necessary knowledge and experience needed to successfully move critical design and engineering projects from start to finish.”

What are the three critical factors for a successful CPM-led project?

According to Scott, the first critical success factor is that “there must be open communication between the client and the Capital Project Manager.  Second, all activities performed, and decisions made, by the Capital Project Manager should be well-documented and available to the client at any time. Third, all CPM activities must be performed using the client’s internal accounting, procurement and approval procedures.”

At what point in a project should a CPM be engaged?

“Many people think that an external Capital Project Manager has to be engaged at the very beginning of a project,” says Scott. “While doing so helps maximize the benefits to the client, our Capital Project Managers can get involved at any stage, all the way through project start up.”

Want to learn more?

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