Gobble, Gobble: The Turkey Fry Returns!

Just before Christmas every year since 2003, a team of master turkey fryers (aka Hixson associates) assemble just outside of the Hixson offices here at the base of Cincinnati’s historic Mt. Adams neighborhood. Using their scientific knowledge and expert deep frying skills, these poultry prodigies safely and, we must say, deliciously, deep fry multiple turkeys throughout the morning. (The aroma alone has been known to tempt some die-hard vegetarians around here.*)

Non-frying associates participate too, bringing in an array of their best side dishes and desserts. At lunchtime, all gather to enjoy the feast and each other’s company.

The annual event, known as the Hixson Turkey Fry (because really, what else would you call it?), is yet another opportunity for Hixson associates to celebrate together. Want to be part of the fun next year? Check out our open positions today!

*Not really.


The 16th Annual Turkey Fry

The 15th Annual Hixson Turkey Fry

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