Great Place to Work: Keeping Associates Informed

Recently, Hixson announced that we have been named as a Great Place to Work® by the Great Place to Work Institute.  This award was received based on the input on a confidential survey of Hixson’s 130 associates. 

Today, we wanted to share one of the key results from the survey: 99% of our associates said that “management keeps me informed about important issues and changes.” While there is an open door policy here at Hixson, three unique ways management keeps Hixson associates informed are::

  • Towne Meeting.  (Want to know about that “e” at the end? Read more here!) On the third Monday of each month, Hixson associates gather together in one large, light-filled room (known, quite appropriately, as the Daylight Room) for Towne Meeting. Led by Hixson President & CEO Greg Hammond, the meeting features a variety of speakers on various topics, including project updates, quality improvement initiatives, business development activities, community service opportunities, and more!
  • Weekly Touchpoints.  These weekly meetings were begun in response to the quarantine imposed in March of 2020 as a way to keep associates informed during a time of fully remote work and increase stress.  While most Hixson associates have returned to the office, these meetings are still in place!
  • Monthly Meetings with the CEO. How many companies do you know in which the CEO takes time to listen meet with employees directly? At Hixson, President & CEO, Greg Hammond, has a set monthly time in which associates can bring their concerns or questions and get forthright answers from the top.


It’s Official: Hixson Is A Great Place To Work!

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