Three Questions with Warren Green

Three Questions with…Warren Green

In July, Warren Green, P.E., Hixson Vice President and Manager of Process Engineering, celebrated his 20th year with our firm! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we asked Warren to participate in our “Three Questions with…” series. However, Warren, who is well-known for going above and beyond on any task set before him, answered four instead!

  1. Why have you chosen to stay at Hixson for so long? Hixson has always lived its values toward our clients, associates, and our community. This truly makes Hixson a great place to work.  Our clients range from Fortune 500 firms to the family business looking to take their next big steps to grow and secure their future in the food and beverage industry.  I enjoy learning from our clients and helping them succeed.
  2. What advice would you give to recent new hires?  Process engineering in the food industry is very dynamic. At Hixson, we literally do just about everything for our clients…“soup to nuts” so to speak.  My advice to new hires is to be willing to learn core food and industry practices and technologies, and how to adapt them to the variety of food processes that our clients practice or hope to install in the future.
  3. What’s your go-to productivity trick?  I use the Getting Things Done® (GTD) method created by David Allen.  I have adopted the planning method and philosophies into my work and personal life to very good effect.  I highly recommend you explore GTD and adapt it to your Outlook, OneNote and other workflows.
  4. What would people be surprised to know about you? I have been home brewing beer for 10 years this coming January.  I’ve been surveying my collections of 40+ recipes and favorites and I am planning a “brewing tour around the world” by brewing one beer each month of 2023 representing predominant beer styles and personal favorites across Europe and the United States.

Congratulations on your service anniversary, Warren! Prost!


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