Hixson Attends ASPE 2022 Convention & Expo

Recently, the 2022 American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) Convention & Expo took place and Hixson’s Kevin Hansman, P.E., LEED AP O&M, John Brockmeier, P.E., and Kamden Rottgen were there! We asked John, a Senior Project Engineer at Hixson, to offer up his thoughts on what he saw and learned at the biennial event:

“One of the great features about the Expo is that it offers the opportunity to interact with hundreds of manufacturers and representatives aligned with the plumbing industry, providing us with a great way to continue to build relationships and learn of new technologies and products.

In addition, the convention included multiple technical seminars that we could attend, helping boost our continuing education and development within the field.  For instance, just one of the many take-aways from this event came from a technical seminar on the codes and standards for venting of flue gases for high-efficiency appliances. Up until recently, the use of unlisted Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) for flue gas venting has slipped through the cracks. Model codes and standards have left the acceptable selection of flue gas vent materials up to the appliance manufacturers to specify – who in turn have listed the use of PVC for its low material and installation costs, even though PVC pipe manufacturers do not list their products for this use. However, recent model code editions are now adopting a more robust standard: UL1738 – Venting Systems for Gas-Burning Appliances. This standard applies more strict performance requirements for these materials, so that the most appropriate and safe materials are employed for flue gas venting. As more state codes adopt this standard, most PVC products will no longer be acceptable for venting of flue gases. Materials meeting this new standard include polypropylene and stainless steel.”

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