Three Questions with…Ron Weber

Last month, Hixson Construction Administrator Ron Weber celebrated his 22nd year with our firm! To celebrate the occasion, we asked Ron to take part in answering three Very Important Questions (VIQ). Here’s what he had to say:

  1. What are three words to describe Hixson…and why did you choose them? Integrity, Honesty, Leaders. We tell clients, contractors, and ourselves the truth in all situations, and provide recommendations that are in the best interest of the project and client. We do this even if it is painful, e.g., news that they would rather not hear.
  2. Do you remember your first day or week at Hixson? As an associate who left and then returned to the firm, I actually had two first days/weeks! I remember that at the first one I was impressed by how welcoming the other associates were to me. I was integrated into the culture and work in a very open and helpful manner. I also timed both start dates to coincide with Hixson Towne Meetings (where new associates are introduced to the whole organization). I got the stand-up introductions out of the way quickly!
  3. People would be surprised if they knew what about me? I am very shy. I know it doesn’t show, but that is because I work hard to get past it. I am not as bad as some may be, but I do not like to speak in public.

Congratulations on your anniversary, Ron!


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