A Great Place to Work: Endorsing Hixson


Hixson has previously announced that we have been named as a Great Place to Work® by the Great Place to Work Institute for 2022-2023. This award was received based on the input on a confidential survey of Hixson’s 130 associates. 

Having just completed another election cycle in our country, we all know that endorsements can be valuable to someone’s decision-making process.

At Hixson, we are exceedingly grateful that in the survey of our associates, 96% said that they “would strongly endorse Hixson to friends and family as a Great Place to Work.”

We’ve previously written about results such as the fact that our associates are “proud to tell others they work here.” However, the statement above goes one step further: Our associates are willing to go that extra mile and tell those closest to them that Hixson is a Great Place to Work.

Want to learn more about what makes Hixson a Great Place to Work or to join our team? Contact us today!


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