Key Messages from the 2023 IDFA Dairy Forum

Recently, Hixson Director of Client Development Nathan Arnold, P.E., attended Dairy Forum 2023, sponsored by the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA). This year’s event featured several days of inspiring speakers and collaborative sessions among dairy industry leaders. In particular, Nathan noted the following as his top picks among presentations at this year’s event:

  • In his presentation, “Everyday Leadership to Prosper in a New World,” leadership expert and bestselling author Robin Sharma provided his insights and strategies to help dairy leaders innovate and excel during periods of change. According to Nathan, Robin was a dynamic speaker who looked at how top performers overcome challenges, and best practices and habits that these leaders use to stay focused amid growing uncertainty.
  • Body language expert and CEO Linda Clemons provided fascinating insights into the unspoken signals that we all send when meeting with others. In her presentation, “Silent Language of Leaders,” Linda shared with attendees not only how to read non-verbal body language cues to help navigate through situations, but also how to understand our own body language and how that may influence others around us.

Want to learn more about Dairy Forum 2023 or make plans to meet up with Nathan at next year’s Dairy Forum? Contact Hixson today!


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