Helping Our Communities: Another Successful Year of Junior Achievement

We’re excited to announce the conclusion of another successful year of Hixson associates participating in the Junior Achievement (JA) program! Following JA’s mission to inspire and prepare young people to succeed, Hixson volunteers led classes at our partner school, St. Francis De Sales. Classes were tailored for students in grades three through eight, and covered a variety of financial and economic-based topics.

Hixson Structural Engineer and fourth-grade JA volunteer teacher Seth Reichenbach taught “JA: Our Region,” a course about regional economics and the supply chain. We asked Seth about his experiences in the classroom:

  1. What was your first day like?

“On the first day, I introduced myself to the class and discussed the type of work I do at Hixson. We discussed what it means to be an entrepreneur, and the students identified characteristics about themselves that would make them capable entrepreneurs in the future.”

  1. Were the students receptive to the program?

“The students were very excited to participate in the program! They enjoyed sharing stories about entrepreneurs in their community and expressing their creativity in developing business ideas.”

  1. Did the students provide any insights that you wouldn’t have thought of?

“For one activity, the students were tasked with producing business ideas as a group based on a list of given resources. One group used their resources of fruit, a beach, and a few employees to create a resort business! The students even devised a pricing model for the different amenities offered by the resort. I was very impressed with their thoughtfulness and level of engagement with the material.”

  1. Would you get involved with JA again if asked?

“Yes! JA was a wonderful opportunity to contribute to Hixson’s community and help develop future leaders.”

Stay tuned for future posts in which we check in with more of our Hixson JA volunteers on their experiences with this program!


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