One More Look: Junior Achievement 2022-2023

In a previous post, we announced the conclusion of another successful year of Hixson associates participating in the Junior Achievement (JA) program!

In addition to Seth Reichenbach’s reflections on his work with the JA program, Hixson volunteers Kevin Hansman and Scott Schroeder also provided their thoughts on their time spent in the classroom.

Kevin taught JA’s Economics for Success module to eighth graders. Kevin said the students would start off a “little skeptical but would quickly become very engaged.” “I enjoy teaching and interacting with these older kids,” said Kevin. In addition to helping break up the monotony of a typical school day, JA helps them learn something that is not usually part of a traditional curriculum.”

Scott said his high-energy fifth graders were eager to participate and share their ideas. “In our JA course, students were asked to develop innovative solutions to this challenge: People often turn off their alarm clock and then fall back asleep.” According to Scott, the group suggested some very clever innovations, including:

  • The alarm clock rolls to the opposite side of the room before it goes off, to force you to stand up and walk across the room to turn it off.
  • The alarm clock is “super-loud and annoying” like the fire alarms at the school building, so “it will definitely wake you up.”

The Hixson Partners in Education program is just one way our associates help our communities. Click here to learn more about Hixson’s community service!


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