Encouraging the Next Generation: Hixson Associates Volunteer with Design LAB

Earlier this year, we announced that Hixson is once again participating in Design LAB, a free educational program that helps expand the knowledge of the built environment for students in grades K-8 within the Cincinnati region.

Hixson Associate Project Manager Zohet Baba-Diaz and four other Hixson associates are volunteering their time for this important program.  After six weeks of planning, the team began working in their classrooms in January. “Each Hixson volunteer is assigned to a different school and works with multiple grade levels,” said Zohet. “For example, I am working with 15 students at Mt. Healthy Elementary representing grades two through six.”

Following this year’s Design LAB theme of ‘Gathering Spaces,’ students in the program are challenged to create an imaginary client, and then design a solution to address the client’s problem.  James Fiorini, an Engineer in Hixson’s Plumbing department who is working with 7th graders at James N. Gamble Montessori, said he is having a great time hearing about what projects the students are building. “Some of the ones that my students are really excited about are creating a new stage for Lady Gaga which floats in New York City’s Hudson River. Another is a ski resort designed to be as sustainable as possible. There’s also a football club built in a beached yacht.” James went on to say that he especially likes helping the students apply “realism of sorts” to their ideas. “They want to try these creative things, but I am working with them to put some thought into how those things can be achieved.”

Hixson’s support of programs such as Design LAB is just one way we give back to the communities where we live and work. To learn more, click here!


Hixson Partners Again with Design LAB (Learn + Build)

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