All Systems Go: Hixson Blasts Into Canstruction 2023

We’re back! This year, Hixson made a triumphant return as a participant in Cincinnati Canstruction, an event designed to benefit the Cincinnati Freestore Foodbank.  Through Canstruction, local architects, engineers and related firms compete to design and build structures made from canned foods, which are then put on display to the general public. Once the exhibit ends, the structures are dismantled, and all cans are given to the Cincinnati Freestore Foodbank to help those in need.

Hixson’s entry, entitled “To Canfinity and Beyond!” is a Saturn V rocket replica designed to pay homage to both the achievements of the past as well as the prospects of the future. The structure was built using more than 3400 cans of chicken, tuna, tomato, and pumpkin.

Support for local organizations like the Freestore Foodbank is an essential component of Hixson’s commitment to community service. If you’d like to make a donation, or learn more about the Freestore, visit:


Hixson Gives Back with a Freestore Foodbank Donation

“Shedding A Light on Hunger” In Cincinnati


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