Hixson Revives Architecture Walk and Construction Contest


As part of our commitment to serve the communities in which we live and work, Hixson teams with our Partner in Education school, St. Francis de Sales, on several initiatives throughout the school year. Over the past few weeks, we brought back a past initiative: a 5th Grade Architecture Walk and Construction Contest!

Designed to provide exposure to the fields of architecture and design through experiential learning, the program began with an architectural-focused walk around the historic neighborhood surrounding the school.  Hixson associates instructed the students on the various architectural features on the buildings along the way. During the tour, students tried to complete a scavenger hunt looking for specific architectural items from a provided list.

A few days later, students competed in the construction contest! Students assembled into large teams, each of which was assigned a Hixson coach. Using provided materials, students were instructed on how to build a model of some of the buildings they passed on their walk.  Completed structures were then judged by a panel of school faculty members. Prizes were given out Best Design of each Building Type, Best Individual Design (among all the buildings) and Best Overall Team Design (the entire model). Another prize was given to the team which found the most scavenger hunt clues.

The program was a hit among all participants, and we look forward to bringing more learning and fun next year!


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