Hixson Participates in Repair Affair

Sponsored by the non-profit organization People Working Cooperatively, “Repair Affair” is an annual one-day event where volunteers assist low-income homeowners with much-needed home renovations. This year, nearly two dozen volunteers representing Hixson came together on a Saturday to help out a homeowner in Cincinnati’s Evanston neighborhood. A portion of the team worked in the front of the house, building a new porch, and installing a new landscape bed. In the back, other team members replaced steps from the house to the yard and cleaned up brush that had gathered.

Hixson’s participation in Repair Affair is part of our commitment to contribute to the communities in which we live and work. Find out more about this important organization and how you can get involved too, here.


Hixson Associates Help Those in Need Through Repair Affair

Hixson Participates in Prepare Affair 2022


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