Pen Pal and Traveling Bear Programs Wrap-up

It’s the end of the school year and that means it’s time for the annual conclusion of two of our favorite community service programs: Pen Pals and Traveling Bears! These programs, held in conjunction with Hixson’s Partner in Education School St. Francis de Sales, provide valuable reading and writing experiences for first and second-grade students.

The second graders recently gathered for a pizza party to meet the Hixson associates who served as their pen pals for the year. Each student enjoyed quality time with their pen pal during lunch, where they talked about their plans for the summer!

Meanwhile, first-grade students who received fun postcards from their teddy bears throughout the school year were delighted at the return of their bears. The bears were sent on “adventures” courtesy of Hixson associates.

Want to learn more about Hixson’s commitment to serving the communities where we live and work? Click the link below!


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