Conduit Seal Effectiveness

Whether for product or ingredient storage, or to maintain product temperature during processing and packaging, facilities often contain spaces that are conditioned to low temperatures (ranging from 60°F to 0°F or lower). At these temperatures, when the temperature in the conditioned room is below the dew point of vapor in the adjacent spaces, the potential for condensation exists. Wall penetrations between these spaces provide an opportunity for vapor pressure to push water vapor towards the cool, dry space where the vapor can condense. Conduit penetrations are a particular concern, since they can provide a niche where condensation and microbial growth could occur out of sight and in an area that is difficult to clean.

The May issue of Hixson’s From Experience newsletter looks at four commonly installed conduit seal types and testing conducted by Hixson to determine the effectiveness of the seals in preventing vapor infiltration and condensation. Read it now!


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