Down in the Valley: Valley Angles and Material Flow

All bins or chutes designed for dry ingredients contain a potential fatal flaw known as a “Valley Angle.” Formed where two adjacent slopes meet, valley angles are shallower than the … Read more

Department Spotlight: Project Management

Coordination is a big factor in the success of any multi-million dollar project, and something at which Hixson’s Project Management department excels! This team of professionals, led by Chris Jarc, … Read more

“Beyond COVID-19: The Future of Food Plants” Coming Next Week!

Have you registered yet? The next Hixson Food Plant of the Future webinar will be held Thursday, 11/5 at 2 p.m. Eastern.  “Beyond COVID-19: The Future of Food Plants” will … Read more

“A Match Made in Heaven”: Reflecting on 22 Years with Christina Meyer

Recently, we asked Hixson associate Christina Meyer, Senior Marketing Specialist in our Client Development department, to reflect on her 22-year career here at Hixson. Christina is responsible for a wide … Read more

Chris Jarc Explains Ways to Maximize Your Plant’s Assets in ProFood World

“Plant staff is a huge investment. Think about somebody who’s been working in a facility for 30-40 years: You’re going to put more money into that person than you are … Read more

Don’t Forget: The Future of Work in a Post-COVID World Archive Available!

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Karen Blum Returns to Hixson

Hixson is pleased to announce that former associate Karen Blum has re-joined our firm as a Construction Administration (CA) Coordinator.  In this role, Blum, who is returning to the Cincinnati … Read more

Hixson Delivers Success for Meat Processors

Did you know? For more than five decades, industry-leading food companies have relied on Hixson to develop sanitary, food-safe facilities and lines for the production of meat, poultry and protein-based … Read more

Register Now! Beyond COVID-19: The Future of Food Plants

COVID-19 is currently disrupting our world, but the food and beverage industry is experiencing massive change due to other factors as well, including shifting consumer demands, technology advancements, revolutionary food … Read more

Partner in Education – A Look at the Past

In a typical fall, Hixson would be embarking now on a number of our annual programs with St. Francis de Sales, our Partner in Education grade school.  At St. Francis, … Read more