Will It Float? Calculating Gas/Vapor Densities

The January issue of Hixson’s From Experience newsletter offers insight on how to calculate gas and vapor densities. Will It Float? Calculating Gas/Vapor Densities Food production facilities require the management … Read more

Hixson Designs CT/CH Suite for Medpace

Hixson recently created a suite of Constant Temperature/Constant Humidity (CT/CH) rooms designed to allow Cincinnati-based Medpace to bring critical product testing to its Cincinnati location. Cincinnati-based Medpace delivers Phase I-IV … Read more

Hixson’s Cost Trends Newsletter – Winter 2018

Welcome to the Winter 2018 issue of Cost Trends from Hixson!  It has been a good run for many contractors lately, and prospects for contractors for the near future look … Read more

Graydon Space Breaking Tradition

“You could literally see the transformation effect of the space on day one that has continued to this day.”   Graydon’s new office space, created by Hixson and featured in … Read more

Thinking LEED Certification for Your GMP Facility?

Food Engineering talks to Hixson about LEED Certification for food processing. Hixson Project Architect Matthew Spangler talks about LEED Certifications for Food Plants in the January 2018 issue of Food … Read more

Five Things to Consider When Leaning Your Lab

Hixson architects Bryon Sutherly and Paul Thamann detail the five things you need to consider when renovating your lab space. “We’re making it work, but it’s never been exactly right.” … Read more

Helping Our Community: Hixson and St. Francis de Sales School

Contributing creatively to the communities in which we live and work is one of Hixson’s core values. In keeping with that commitment, Hixson has been a long-time partner with St. Francis … Read more

WELL Stats

The World Green Building Council just published some very compelling stats on health, wellbeing, and productivity.  Read More.

From Experience – December 2017: Casting Light on Cast & Wrought Stainless Steel Valves

Stainless steel valves and pipe fittings are manufactured from either “cast” or “wrought” metal (see definitions in Experience in Brief). The differences between cast and wrought provide advantages for the … Read more

From Experience – Environmental, Health & Safety – Fall Issue

Key Issues with H2O2 in Wastewater As reported in our last edition of EH&S From Experience, commercial-strength concentrations (≥ 35%) of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) are more frequently being used today … Read more