An Update on Maple Leaf Foods Facility

Work is continuing on the creation of a new 640,000 square foot facility for Maple Leaf Foods. In November, Hixson announced that we were selected by Maple Leaf Foods to … Read more

What Hixson Delivers: Intelligent Project Execution

In today’s post, we will look at the third item which Hixson strives to provide in every interaction with our clients: Intelligent Project Execution. (See our earlier posts on Insight … Read more

Budding to Life: Seed Strategy Headquarters

Exciting progress is happening on the construction of Seed Strategy’s new headquarters, a modern, treehouse-inspired home located on the seven-acre campus of Seed’s parent organization, Burke Inc. If you’ve been … Read more

A Jewel of the Queen City Chooses Hixson

In operation since 1874, the Queen City Club (QCC) is the “oldest and most prestigious private club in the Cincinnati area.” Through the years, the club, which has been located … Read more

What Hixson Delivers: Advocacy

Last week, we talked about Insight at Hixson, one of the three items which Hixson strives to provide in every interaction with our clients: Insight, Advocacy and Intelligent Project Execution. … Read more

Saks Greenwich Complete

The Saks Shops at Greenwich is a premier shopping destination for discriminating buyers in Greenwich, CT.  Recently fully completed, the Saks Shops at Greenwich consists of three boutique stores located … Read more

What Hixson Delivers: Insight

Listed on the back of every Hixson business card are Hixson’s values, as well as the three items that Hixson strives to provide in every interaction with our clients: Insight, … Read more

From Experience: A Condensed Primer on Condensation

Whether lurking in corners or lingering on pipes, moisture can be found within many processing facilities. Choosing a successful and cost-effective condensation control solution begins with an understanding of how … Read more

Hixson and Lean: The Choosing By Advantages System

Hixson has been a practitioner of Lean-based methods and tools for several decades. One of the most recent additions to our toolkit is the Choosing By Advantages (CBA) decision-making system. … Read more

Happy Holidays From Hixson!

This year’s annual Hixson holiday poster, which wouldn’t be complete without the additions from the children and grandchildren of Hixson associates, reflects the joy of the season. All of us … Read more