At Hixson, you’ll find learning and growing is a continual process. You’ll be empowered to take charge of your professional career from your first day forward by utilizing a comprehensive array of internal and external resources.

Hixson University

You’ll have the opportunity to attend live, instructor-led Hixson University educational events directed by Hixson’s accredited Continuing Education Council (CEC). The CEC is comprised of five separate colleges which allows you to receive CEUs for course completion.

Hixson Development Cycle

You’ll participate in our Hixson Associate Development Cycle, which will result in a formal, individualized development plan to be supported by your manager through regular check-ins and on-the-job coaching. To get started, we offer a Navigating Your Hixson Career course as part of the Hixson University curriculum as well as a variety of tools and assessments.

Community of Practice Learning

Within your technical discipline, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a variety of resources to deepen your knowledge and skills, including self-paced curriculum, developmental assignments, study groups led by Hixson subject matter experts, “walk-a-mile” on-location experiences, research opportunities and more.

Hixson-Sponsored Professional Development

In addition to our in-house training, Hixson will sponsor up to 40 hours of industry-based professional development per calendar year.

Tuition Reimbursement

You’ll receive 100% tuition/lab fee reimbursement for successful completion of pre-approved graduate and undergraduate courses in accordance with company policy.

Knowledge Sharing

You’ll be encouraged to share your knowledge, ideas and insights across disciplines and between all levels, whether it is contributing thought leadership to our Knowledge Supermarket, a library of nearly 1,000 Hixson-published articles; leading a study group or becoming a member of our Continuing Education Council.