Hixson’s 16 in-house integrated disciplines truly set us apart in the industry. Our team-centered approach allows us to deliver broad and deep expertise, unsurpassed quality control and coordinated execution on every project.



As a business leader, you understand the vision, goals, strategy and demands placed upon your organization. As a firm with more than 70 years of experience, Hixson contributes a wealth of technical knowledge and know-how to assess the ability of operational, facility, people and technology assets to support business strategies.  Hixson’s Strategic Facility Consulting Services combines your organizational knowledge with Hixson’s design and engineering insights to yield more comprehensive, more informed business decisions.



Whether driven by corporate sustainability goals or the need to attract and retain top talent, many companies today are looking to add sustainability, health, and wellness improvements to their buildings.  For some, simply adding incremental improvements is enough.  For others, nothing less than LEED® or WELL® certification will do.  Whatever your company’s end goal, Hixson has the knowledge and experience to determine the necessary sustainability, health and wellness measures to meet your needs.



Hixson has used Revit® Building Information Modeling software from Autodesk® since 2011 to create forward-thinking designs that meet our clients’ business needs, and has fully incorporated its use in conjunction with other design software tools such as AutoCAD®.  Using Revit, Hixson can design entire facilities in 3D, including architectural, structural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and other related systems. This enables clients to visualize their facilities with more clarity to make informed scope and budget decisions, while contractors and sub-contractors gain an in-depth look at what it will take to bring designs to fruition.