Great Place to Work: This IS a Great Place to Work!

Hixson has previously announced that we have been named as a Great Place to Work® by the Great Place to Work Institute for 2022-2023. This award was received based on the input on a confidential survey of Hixson’s 130 associates.

In the survey, 98% of our associates said the following: “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a Great Place to Work.”

Work, of course, is called “work” for a reason. Even when you love your place of employment, stressful days, difficult assignments, and other challenges can, and do, arise.  At Hixson, we are proud that our associates can look at the whole picture and still proclaim that Hixson is a Great Place to Work.  At Hixson, our unique culture has been formed through many aspects. For instance, at Hixson, we:

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